In 1943, he came to the world as the tenth child of the family in Kapi village of Maçka district of Trabzon. Spora started with football in Istanbul. He broke his leg while playing ball and said goodbye to football. Boksa Fatih Wrestling Club began with the incentives of Ali Hoca. Soon after, he went to Fenerbahçe and took the captain of the boxing team.

Cemal Kamacı, who was elected to the National Team in 1962, fought at 67 or 71 kilograms in all national competitions until the end of 1966. In the meantime, he earned his second Balkan second place. Since it was not an institution that would give a professional boxing license in Turkey in 1967, the Kamacı who got his license from Vienna in the name of Austria became professional.

In 1972, he defeated European Champion Roger Zami in Istanbul and became the European Professional Boxing Champion of 63.5 pounds. Having lost his title to the Spanish boxer Ortiz in 1973, the Kamacı returned to his former title again in 1975, beating Spanish Gomez Fouz in Cologne.

He also retained the European Professional Boxing Championship title in three games he made in 1976. It rises to the fourth rank in the world rank at 63.5 kg. The first Turkish boxer of the European Champion, Kamacı left boxing after a jubilee match on November 11, 1976 in Istanbul